Broken Spring

Garage Door Repair Broken Springs is your local spring replacement professionals. We attend to broken springs and do spring replacement for both residential and business applications. The company has in store for you both torsion and extension springs for your new garage door installation and broken spring replacement.

As you already know, torsion springs and extensions springs are the two most common springs used for garage door system. They come in different sizes and types within each spring category. When replacing a spring, it is important enough that you know which type is the most suitable for your type of garage door. Leave this task to the garage door experts as they know very well the right kind of spring replacement.

Springs are fundamental parts on your garage door system. It act as the balance and carries most of the garage door mass. Thus, you must not continue operating a garage door with a broken spring because this will only lead to further damage on the garage door itself and to the electric opener system. When you got a broken spring, the opener is left to do the lifting task with less support. The opener therefore is forced to do the task that is beyond its capacity to perform alone. When you press on using your garage door even if it already has a broken spring, you are only bringing more garage door troubles which mean more expenses on your part. Garage Door Repair Broken Springs is here to help you out. Spring replacement is a very dangerous task. The spring has on it a very strong force that when it accidentally snaps on you, it could get you injured or much worse, get you killed.

Broken springs must be attended at once and it must be replaced by the professionals. Do not take the risk of doing it yourself because it is really very hazardous. Springs, no matter how good and carefully made with refined quality, will wear out in time when it already reaches its life-cycle. Springs’ lifespan is determined in cycles which are counted by how many times the door goes up and down. Most garage door springs come with 10,000 life cycles but it may still vary as some spring types come with various lifespan options. Therefore, a spring may break not only because of poor quality or garage door accident but also because it has wear out over the time of usage. To ensure safety, do not CAit for your springs to break before you decide to replace them. When you’re aCAre that it has been wearing out already because of long period of usage, call the Garage Door Repair Broken Springs to do the spring replacement.

We will help you out on your garage door spring problems and will bring you the best new spring replacement. We can also provide you high cycle springs for your high cycle applications meaning the spring’s service can be extended for more years of usage as compared to standard types of springs. Either CAy – both standard and high cycle springs can deliver great works and you can count on Garage Door Repair Broken Springs California to do flawless spring replacement on your garage door.